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Aqua Crown is an innovative product line for the treatment of the aquarium water from Deltec.

Aqua Crown Hy Carb

  • is a pure, natural granulate.
  • It is particularly suitable for use in Deltec Fluidised bed calcium reactors.
  • It does not contain phosphates.

Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special

  • is used to enrich the calcium and magnesium concentration in seawater aquariums.
  • It is intended to be used in Deltec Fluidised Bed Calcium Reactors.

Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Mag

  • is pure magnesium granulate.
  • It is intended to be added to normal calcium media, automatically providing the seawater with magnesium.

Aqua Crown Kalkwasser Powder

  • Because of its high level of purity AC Kalkwasser Powder is ideal for making Kalkwasser.
  • Kalkwasser binds phosphates and promotes the growth of corals, mussels and Peyssonnelia

Deltec Aqua Crown Phosphatadsorber

  • High performance adsorber for fresh and seawater with a long term effect.
  • Very high adsorption capacity; guaranteed not to give off undesirable substances into the aquarium water.

Deltec Aqua Crown Special Carbon

  • consists of high-performance anthracite base activated carbon and a phosphate adsorber.
  • It has an excellent binding capability thanks to its highly effective 1000m²/g surface.


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