Deltec Marine BoX

360° Ansicht


Technical Details

  • Marine Box Classic S (LxWxH): 75x41x35 cm/55 liter return water Volume *
  • Marine Box Classic M (LxWxH): 90x41x35 cm/70 liter return water volume *
  • Marine box Classic L (LxWxH): 115x41x35 cm/94 liter return water Volume *

* Without devices in sump at a water level in the Skimmer chamber of 20 cm and in the return chamber of 10 cm


  • Handmade "Made in Germany"
  • With high-quality Plexyglass ®
  • Less weight than a glass sump, no risk of breakage
  • Structured through places for skimmers, filters and pumps
  • Structured through places for UV rods, heating rod and probe holder
  • Optimal water flow through the Deltec Marine BoX Classic
  • Noise optimization by degassing plate and water flow holes
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