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Calcium reactor PF-series

What is the optimal pH value in the aquarium and in the calcium reactor?
In the seawater aquarium, the pH value should be on average at 8.2 and in the calcium reactor at about 6.5 or less. The lower the pH value in the reactor, the more effective it works.
Why does the pH value in the calcium reactor have to be low?
The filling material (e.g. lime granules) are dissolved with a mixture of water under the supply of CO2. To make this process possible, acidic water is needed.
What filling material is recommended for PF series calcium reactors?
As filling material for the calcium reactor we recommend “HY Carb” or “Hy Carb Special” of our brand Aqua Crown. “Hy Carb Special” contains calcium as well as magnesium, which therefore does not have to be added separately.
How can I optimally control and adjust PF series calcium reactors?
Basically, the calcium reactor is controlled by the amount of CO2 supplied. In the bubble counter, you can see the amount of added CO2. Depending on the device type, a certain number of bubbles per second must be visible in the bubble counter. These values can be found in the respective operating instructions. In addition, a measuring electrode can be connected for precise adjustment of the pH value. The Deltec fluid bed process optimally mixes the medium with the water. Compared to conventional calcium reactors, this results in a much higher efficiency.
What should I watch out for in process or false gases?
So-called process or false gases arise in the production or enrichment of the aquarium water with lime. These gases are harmless and are automatically removed via the return flow from the device.
What are the optimal values for the development of corals?
For a healthy development of the corals the calcium value should be around 450 mg / l and the carbonate hardness between 6 and 8 degrees.
How big should the calcium reactor be in relation to the size of my aquarium?
In addition to the the aquarium size, there are some other relevant factors: the stocking of fish, the stocking of living stones and corals as well as the type and duration of your lighting. Based on a normal stocking we recommend around 200 liters of aquarium water per one liter of lime water reactor filling.

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